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Welcome to improveyourmood.com, the practice of Beau A. Nelson, MA, LCSW.

I specialize in applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles to real life problems.  Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is a counseling approach that stresses that individuals are disturbed by faulty or distorted irrational thinking that leads to emotional disturbances and self-defeating behaviors.  Cognitive-Behavioral therapists work with individual, couples, and groups.  We seek to help you learn tools and techniques that you can then take and apply to real life situations and problems.

Many people suppose that emotional disorders or emotional responses are related to the events in our lives and/or genetic abnormalities that force us to suffer.  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy clinical research shows that this is not the whole story.  For the past 50 years CBT has shown that people can get better and function at a higher level when they dispose of self defeating and irrational processes in thinking, in emotional reactions, and behaviors.

Therapy will require effort on your part.  I will work vigorously with you to help dispose of the thought and other processes that seem to paralyze you or with problems that seemingly never improve.  We work to help you get better rather than just feel better for a little bit.  This approach to therapy consists of regular visits, readings, written exercises, and other homework designed to help you overcome your presenting problems.

I am specially trained in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), which is the original Cognitive-Behavioral approach.  It was originated in 1954 by Dr. Albert Ellis, one of the foremost Psychologists of all time.  With this as my basic approach I add in other Cognitive-Behavioral tools and techniques developed by a variety of other clinicians in our field.

My approach is to work as efficiently and effectively as possible to help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.  I welcome your input, feedback, and questions throughout the therapy process.  You will notice that this kind of therapy is different than what you might be used to.  Generally the therapist is very active-directive.  This means I will be interacting with you by giving you instruction in Cognitive-Behavioral techniques, feedback on what you are currently doing which is not helpful, working on practical problem solving skills, and how to challenge and restructure your thinking processes.

How to Begin

The first step is to set up an evaluation appointment.  You can download the pre-appointment forms for your initial evaluation from this page.  You will then need to call the office to schedule a time to meet with me.  You will be accepted as a patient based on that initial evaluation assuming we agree this sounds like a step you want to take at this time and that I think you can benefit from this therapy.  I do not accept every evaluated patient nor do I think that everyone is suited for this therapy approach.  For this reason I ask you to bring an open mind and all the questions you may have to this initial appointment.  It is my sincere desire for you to get better, overcome the obstacles in your life, and to learn tools that you can use long after our time together is over.

The initial evaluation is an opportunity for the therapist to gain information about you, your history, your reason for coming to the office, and your goals for therapy.  It is also a time for you to ask questions of the therapist.  This dialog will give us a good idea if there is a good “fit” between the therapist and the patient.  If things look good then we can move forward with a plan to address the presenting problems.

I appreciate your taking time to learn about my practice of psychotherapy and welcome your inquiry into Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  Please explore this site, check out the links and materials I recommend and call should you want to schedule an evaluation or have questions.  Best wishes to you on your journey.

Scope of Practice

R      Adult (18+) individual counseling and psychotherapy
R Executive and general life coaching
R      Clinical supervision and consultations for mental health professionals
Board-approved LCSW clinical supervisor

Treatment Approach

R      Short term therapy, long term results
R      Specialized treatment of emotional disorders
R      Personal and professional coaching
R      Research-proven, effective, and confidential counseling services
R      Individualized treatment for unique individuals
R      Dynamic and directive psychotherapeutic education
R      Targeting distorted thinking and self-defeating behaviors for positive change
R      Supportive and knowledgeable environment for change
R      Practical assistance to help individuals achieve their goals

Scheduling an Appointment

We are currently accepting new patients and can schedule an initial evaluation today.  Call 972-980-9911 to make an appointment that is convenient for you.  To save time at the evaluation, download and complete necessary forms here.

For further information about fees go here.  For office policies and procedures please check here.

If you are seeing a Psychiatrist or if you would like to have the therapist talk to another healthcare provider, fill out the Release of Information form here.


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